The Riven Realms

Act 1 Epilogue

The Grokk

As Grokk leave inn, he see townspeople very busy. After attack on town, many buildings need fixing. Grokk remember own village after fire. Grokk want to help village but not know where to start. As Grokk sit down to think about how he can help, world go dark. Voice in ear say “Guess who!”. Voice seem familiar but Grokk not able to place. Grokk guess. “Kaida!” No. “Ireena!” No. “…Lady from Grokk home who always give Grokk lots of delicious soup when he visit?” Grokk hear voice laugh. World is no longer dark. In front of Grokk is elderly lady. Grokk is surprised. Grokk not know lady. Lady have wrinkled face but young smile. Lady have red-brown hair that turn green at tips. Lady have pale green eyes that look deep into Grokk. Grokk would remember lady if he knew her. Grokk think lady stand out very much in town where people very boring. Lady tell Grokk that she think Grokk big and strong. Able to help town people rebuild many houses. Lady tell Grokk she feel Grokk would know lots about this and be big help. Lady keep talking. She tell Grokk that men on other side of town need person like Grokk to help. Lady smile at Grokk again. Grokk can’t help but smile back. Grokk thank lady and go in direction she say.

Grokk find men where lady say he would. Grokk recognise some men as feather keeper. Men remind Grokk of villagers from hometown when need to rebuild. Grokk see many metal sheets with teeth used to cut tree. Grokk ask men why they not use metal teeth on trees. Men tell Grokk they try, but trees in area home to eagle. When men try to cut tree, eagle attack men. Grokk not know why men afraid of eagle. Grokk go into forest to see eagle for self. Grokk look and look but not find any eagle. Grokk get tired and sit under big tree to rest. After time, Grokk start hearing voices from above. Voices tell Grokk “Go Away!” “Leave us alone!”. Grokk look up but see no one. Grokk yell out to voice. Grokk tell voice Grokk not here to hurt anyone. Grokk just try find eagle who attack men. Voice tell Grokk that men try to attack tree with nest. Men deserve to get attacked. Grokk tell voice that men need trees to remake own nests. Grokk ask voice if know trees with eagle nest. Grokk ask if voice can mark tree with nest so men can leave alone. Voice not trust men, but voice trust Grokk. Voice say tree with nest will have mark. Grokk leave forest. Grokk not able to find person who speak to Grokk, but Grokk trust.

Grokk tell men to look for marks on trees. Grokk say leave trees with marks alone and eagle not bother men. Men not sure if trust Grokk, but men decide not have choice. Town need wood, men need to cut trees. Grokk tell men he help cut tree later. Grokk need to prepare. Grokk go back to town and get food from market. People in market happy to see Grokk. Thank Grokk for help with saving church. People in market give Grokk discount on food. This make Grokk happy because food very expensive before. Grokk put food into pot and take with him to forest. Grokk find men in forest. Some men cutting trees, others looking at trees. Grokk see that some trees have large scratches in the bark. Some trees have berry and leaves smashed and stuck to them. Grokk ask men if eagle attack. Men say no eagle attack. Eagle heard if approach tree with scratch or berry, but no attack if men avoid. Men thank Grokk for marking trees, but Grokk say no thank needed. Grokk did not mark trees. Grokk say men can thank Grokk after Lunch. Grokk use food from market to make stew for men. Only keepers tell Grokk they like stew. Other men not react, they just eat. Grokk guess stew not for everyone. Grokk happy that keepers like stew. Grokk feel keepers will help in future. Grokk want to be friends with keepers. After Lunch, Grokk use new axe to help attack trees. New axe is also great.

At night, when tree attacking finish, Grokk return to camp to get iron pot. Grokk find eagle perched on pot. Grokk pull out left over bread from bag and offer to eagle. Eagle fly from pot and land on Grokks arm. Grokk look at Eagle. Eagle look back at Grokk. Eagle lift wing and pull loose feather, drop at Grokks feet. Eagle take bread from Grokks hand and fly away. Grokk think Eagle very odd, but feather very pretty. Grokk tie feather to necklace with bear teeth to keep safe. Grokk return back to inn through dark. Grokk see inn just ahead, but get to inn take longer than expected. Maybe Grokk tired from attacking tree all day.



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