The Riven Realms

Notes For Miika - 1

Grokk always made fun of in school for not write well. Miika tell Grokk, she say “Grokk, if want get good at thing, Grokk must do thing until good”
Miika not here now, so Grokk write about things. Grokk write so much he be good and can show Miika how good when he get home! Show Miika all fun things Grokk do! oh, but Miika not be able to see how good…
Grokk show Doan! Doan tell Miika how good! Yes! Grokk do that.

Grokk think when he be able see Miika and Doan. Grokk go on journey. Mother and town people send Grokk on journey. Miika and Doan also send Grokk on journey. They not know what journey for, they only know Grokk must go. Thing only Grokk can do. They say Grokk will know what to do when it happen. Grokk not sure what going on, but Grokk Trust mother and town people. Grokk trust Miika and Doan.

Grokk go out into forest. He able to live in forest ok. When Grokk help knock down tree, he learn what bush he can eat. Grokk not have to eat bush very long. after short time, Grokk get sleepy. Grokk walk into fog he not see before. Grokk remember not much after.
Next thing, Grokk wake up. He stand up and see fog slowly go away. Grokk not know where he fall asleep, but Grokk know he not fall asleep here. Big trees that Grokk be near, all gone. Grokk wake on open land with some other people he not know.

Grokk talk to new people. New people same as Grokk, not know how got here.
Grokk walk with new people to town on horizon. New people seem like can be Grokk friend.
Dwarf name Nithal, wear lots of armor, has big hammer. Hammer big like Grokks axe is big. Sometimes Nithal say things that Grokk not know how to answer to.
Gnome name “C a l l i d u s”, wear no armor. Callidus make magic from hands. Grokk not see much magic. Grokk think little man is funny. Grokk think Callidus make good friend.
Human name Reginald, also wear armor. Reginald always speak words from book. Book must be very big. always words from book that match what happen. Reginald also make magic. Reginald magic feel warm and fuzzy.
Tiefling name Kaida, also make magic. Kaida not say much. Kaida look like people from forest with horns. Maybe Kaida know how get back home.

When Grokk and other people get close to town, Man on horse appear suddenly. he give group book and say many confusing thing. Tell group to follow bird or something.




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