The Riven Realms

The Vines and the Tower Pt 1

Rejoining after a week of down time, the group is prompted by the ravens to seek the tower to the west. The seemingly prophetic journal warned of vines and three locations, A house, A ruin, and a cave. After the vines consume the third, they will break a barrier around the tower and release a great evil, so the book foretells.

The group travels west and comes across a fork in the road with the mysterious rider in front. He points to the base of the sign at the intersection and rides off. While the rest of the group tries to understand what is happening, The Grokk walks over to the signpost and finds a message wrapped around a bottle. The message warns of the druids in the forest, and the bottle contained an ointment that smelled of aloe and, after some inspection, was found to have curative properties.

Following the west fork, The group finds an old and abandoned trading post. The brave Nithal steps up and finds the locked door is no much for his shoulder, as he forces it open with a hearty shove. finding nothing downstairs, he climbs the stairs upward to the second floor and comes across a desk. within its drawers, a rusty pendant with a piece of amber set in it and a letter. There is no time for him to read the letter however as he soon feels the ground shake and hears shouts With no time to waste, Nithal bravely charges towards the window and smashes through, leaping through the sky and showering splinters and glass down on The Grokk as he fruitlessly attempts to hack away at the never-ending vines.
The Grokks failed attempts to cull the vines makes it clear to the group how best to handle this situation. They ran west as the vines continued to spread around the house, the crashing of the now collapasing house only spurring them on further.

As the party settled, they examine their surroundings to see a large tree tree in the distance. They decide this would make a good vantage point to find their bearings and head in its direction. Upon getting to the base of the tree, Grokk spies a chest in its lofty branches. Grokk climbs to to the top, but before he can get to the chest, the group is attacked by Blights and a Wood Woad. The Woads tough armour shrugs off the attacks from the party, but its weakness against fire magic is made glaringly apparent when Kaida lands a critical scorching ray, blasting a huge chunk of it off and setting it ablaze. Reginald, not to be outdone, brandishes his shield like a battering ram and shows the blight who is boss, knocking them to the ground, leaving them open to Nithal’s mighty maul. Meanwhile Narmo takes hits like a champ and powers through stun spores released by a blight, biting and gnawing at its legs while Lukolas Fires arrows from a distance. With the Blights defeated and the Woads Health waning, it attempts to run by teleporting between trees. The Grokk Jumps from his high perch with a thunderous bang and charges the woad. Its body is made of resistant wood, but Grokks greataxe is a great axe. The Grokk calls on his Lumberjack experience and cleaved the Woad in two. Once the dust had settled, The chest was opened to find a unique looking quarterstaff, a bag of gems, and another note. The quarterstaff, having no obvious value to anyone else, was given to Kaida, who, during a short rest, discovered it had vampiric effects.

After everyone had seen to their wounds, the party ventured onwards to the west and eventually came onto a derelict guardpost with a mysterious figure standing atop. The Mountain, realising he hadn’t been noticed yet, and feeling very suspicious after the notes and last encounters, took cover behind a pile of rocks while the rest of the party moved forward. Reginald engaged the mysterious figure in conversation and it was discovered that not only were these people in control of the vines, but that they would not let the party continue forward. After probing Him for more information, a second, more irate person showed themselves. With a hostile engagement becoming more and more likely, The Mountain took a shot at the druid, the sneak attack hitting for massive damage. The druids, caught off guard, summoned the aid of forest creatures to help fend the party off. The creatures however proved no match for our plucky adventurers as the two giant snakes and 2 black bears were turned to a fine mist within the period of 6 seconds. The druids meanwhile attempted to flee, but were quickly nailed by the excellent marksmanship of the Mountain and Lukolas. The fort was raided, another note was found, but not much more. It was at this point the group decided to sit down and assess their options.

Act 1 Epilogue
The Grokk

As Grokk leave inn, he see townspeople very busy. After attack on town, many buildings need fixing. Grokk remember own village after fire. Grokk want to help village but not know where to start. As Grokk sit down to think about how he can help, world go dark. Voice in ear say “Guess who!”. Voice seem familiar but Grokk not able to place. Grokk guess. “Kaida!” No. “Ireena!” No. “…Lady from Grokk home who always give Grokk lots of delicious soup when he visit?” Grokk hear voice laugh. World is no longer dark. In front of Grokk is elderly lady. Grokk is surprised. Grokk not know lady. Lady have wrinkled face but young smile. Lady have red-brown hair that turn green at tips. Lady have pale green eyes that look deep into Grokk. Grokk would remember lady if he knew her. Grokk think lady stand out very much in town where people very boring. Lady tell Grokk that she think Grokk big and strong. Able to help town people rebuild many houses. Lady tell Grokk she feel Grokk would know lots about this and be big help. Lady keep talking. She tell Grokk that men on other side of town need person like Grokk to help. Lady smile at Grokk again. Grokk can’t help but smile back. Grokk thank lady and go in direction she say.

Grokk find men where lady say he would. Grokk recognise some men as feather keeper. Men remind Grokk of villagers from hometown when need to rebuild. Grokk see many metal sheets with teeth used to cut tree. Grokk ask men why they not use metal teeth on trees. Men tell Grokk they try, but trees in area home to eagle. When men try to cut tree, eagle attack men. Grokk not know why men afraid of eagle. Grokk go into forest to see eagle for self. Grokk look and look but not find any eagle. Grokk get tired and sit under big tree to rest. After time, Grokk start hearing voices from above. Voices tell Grokk “Go Away!” “Leave us alone!”. Grokk look up but see no one. Grokk yell out to voice. Grokk tell voice Grokk not here to hurt anyone. Grokk just try find eagle who attack men. Voice tell Grokk that men try to attack tree with nest. Men deserve to get attacked. Grokk tell voice that men need trees to remake own nests. Grokk ask voice if know trees with eagle nest. Grokk ask if voice can mark tree with nest so men can leave alone. Voice not trust men, but voice trust Grokk. Voice say tree with nest will have mark. Grokk leave forest. Grokk not able to find person who speak to Grokk, but Grokk trust.

Grokk tell men to look for marks on trees. Grokk say leave trees with marks alone and eagle not bother men. Men not sure if trust Grokk, but men decide not have choice. Town need wood, men need to cut trees. Grokk tell men he help cut tree later. Grokk need to prepare. Grokk go back to town and get food from market. People in market happy to see Grokk. Thank Grokk for help with saving church. People in market give Grokk discount on food. This make Grokk happy because food very expensive before. Grokk put food into pot and take with him to forest. Grokk find men in forest. Some men cutting trees, others looking at trees. Grokk see that some trees have large scratches in the bark. Some trees have berry and leaves smashed and stuck to them. Grokk ask men if eagle attack. Men say no eagle attack. Eagle heard if approach tree with scratch or berry, but no attack if men avoid. Men thank Grokk for marking trees, but Grokk say no thank needed. Grokk did not mark trees. Grokk say men can thank Grokk after Lunch. Grokk use food from market to make stew for men. Only keepers tell Grokk they like stew. Other men not react, they just eat. Grokk guess stew not for everyone. Grokk happy that keepers like stew. Grokk feel keepers will help in future. Grokk want to be friends with keepers. After Lunch, Grokk use new axe to help attack trees. New axe is also great.

At night, when tree attacking finish, Grokk return to camp to get iron pot. Grokk find eagle perched on pot. Grokk pull out left over bread from bag and offer to eagle. Eagle fly from pot and land on Grokks arm. Grokk look at Eagle. Eagle look back at Grokk. Eagle lift wing and pull loose feather, drop at Grokks feet. Eagle take bread from Grokks hand and fly away. Grokk think Eagle very odd, but feather very pretty. Grokk tie feather to necklace with bear teeth to keep safe. Grokk return back to inn through dark. Grokk see inn just ahead, but get to inn take longer than expected. Maybe Grokk tired from attacking tree all day.

Notes For Miika - 1

Grokk always made fun of in school for not write well. Miika tell Grokk, she say “Grokk, if want get good at thing, Grokk must do thing until good”
Miika not here now, so Grokk write about things. Grokk write so much he be good and can show Miika how good when he get home! Show Miika all fun things Grokk do! oh, but Miika not be able to see how good…
Grokk show Doan! Doan tell Miika how good! Yes! Grokk do that.

Grokk think when he be able see Miika and Doan. Grokk go on journey. Mother and town people send Grokk on journey. Miika and Doan also send Grokk on journey. They not know what journey for, they only know Grokk must go. Thing only Grokk can do. They say Grokk will know what to do when it happen. Grokk not sure what going on, but Grokk Trust mother and town people. Grokk trust Miika and Doan.

Grokk go out into forest. He able to live in forest ok. When Grokk help knock down tree, he learn what bush he can eat. Grokk not have to eat bush very long. after short time, Grokk get sleepy. Grokk walk into fog he not see before. Grokk remember not much after.
Next thing, Grokk wake up. He stand up and see fog slowly go away. Grokk not know where he fall asleep, but Grokk know he not fall asleep here. Big trees that Grokk be near, all gone. Grokk wake on open land with some other people he not know.

Grokk talk to new people. New people same as Grokk, not know how got here.
Grokk walk with new people to town on horizon. New people seem like can be Grokk friend.
Dwarf name Nithal, wear lots of armor, has big hammer. Hammer big like Grokks axe is big. Sometimes Nithal say things that Grokk not know how to answer to.
Gnome name “C a l l i d u s”, wear no armor. Callidus make magic from hands. Grokk not see much magic. Grokk think little man is funny. Grokk think Callidus make good friend.
Human name Reginald, also wear armor. Reginald always speak words from book. Book must be very big. always words from book that match what happen. Reginald also make magic. Reginald magic feel warm and fuzzy.
Tiefling name Kaida, also make magic. Kaida not say much. Kaida look like people from forest with horns. Maybe Kaida know how get back home.

When Grokk and other people get close to town, Man on horse appear suddenly. he give group book and say many confusing thing. Tell group to follow bird or something.


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