Ireena Kolyana

Taking the Skeleton Express to Castle Cold Lips


Lawful Good Human Fighter.

A striking young woman with auburn hair, Although she appears mild, she has a strong will, and she aids the party as best she can in saving herself.


She has been bitten twice by the count making the villagers afraid of her. She doesn’t remember her early past. She doesn’t know how she came to Barovia or where she came from. Moreover, her encounters with the count are fuzzy memories, thanks to his vampiric charm, but she can recall clearly the blazing hunger in his eyes.

Ireena sought someone to help her and her brother Ismark deliver her father’s body safely to the Church, refusing to leave the village until this task was completed. Meeting a group of adventurers whom recently arrived in the land of Barovia from a distant realm. Stirred by her brother’s pleas, the group agreed to help the siblings with this task.

During the burial Strahd attacked and while the group was able to stop the attack and complete the burial, she was forced to bury her brother who fell during the battle. More puzzling is the strange force which protected her during the battle, she knows not it’s origin but this spirit seems known to Strahd and appears to be very protective of her.

Determined to follow the wishes of her brother, she immediately decided to set forth towards the town of Vallaki – hoping for safe haven. The adventurers opted to help her in this quest, seeking their own goals along the way.

She followed the adventurers as they had their destinies fortold and battled many foes. Eventually reaching the town, she discovered it was not quite the safe haven promised and that the ancient ashes that kept it safe from Strahd’s grasp had been stolen. Helping retrieve them, she fought through the streets of Vallaki alongside the adventurers – reaching the church which would provide her sanctuary.

Strahd was waiting for her there, having orchestrated the attack in order to take her. Despite his offer to spare the town and it’s people – the adventures chose not to hand her over – something for which she was quite grateful. Alas, the power Strahd held over her was too great and neither the brave adventurers or the spirit watching over her were able to prevent her eventual capture by the dark lord.

Unable to resist, she was last seen whisked away on the back of Strahd’s Dracolich, no doubt en route to the grave Castle Ravenloft he calls home.

Ireena Kolyana

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