Ismark Kolyanovich



Lawful Good Human Veteran.


Ismark isn’t a typically dour Barovian, he is the son of the village burgomaster. Ismark has spent most of his adult life training with weapons in the hope of one day confronting and killing Strahd.

He is currently seeking aid for his sister Ireena, fearing she is in danger from the Count who rules from the Castle above Barovia. His father died recently but they have not been able to bury him, fearing an attack by the count if they do. His plan is to take Ireena to the settlement of Vallaki, but she will not leave until their father has been laid to rest.

Unfortunately, during the burial, the count attacked and Ismark was slain trying to stop him. He was buried alongside his father in the Village Graveyard.

Ismark Kolyanovich

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